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Poison Physician Consort

Author: 二十四会

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Updated: 2021-09-25 14:25:47

Latest chapter: Chapter 489: Heavens’ Blessing

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《Poison Physician Consort》Latest chapter
Chapter 489: Heavens’ Blessing
Chapter 488: The Future is in My Hands!
Chapter 487: Su Luoqing’s Transformation
Chapter 486: Feng Wan’er’s Miserable End
Chapter 485: A Smile to Dissolve All Grudges
Chapter 484: Entering Secretly
Chapter 483: Ao Xue
Chapter 482: Meeting the In-Laws
Chapter 481: Failure
Chapter 480: Sect Destruction
Chapter 479: Forming the Alliance
Chapter 478: Supporting the Ascension
《Poison Physician Consort》' main text
Chapter 489: Heavens’ Blessing
Chapter 488: The Future is in My Hands!
Chapter 487: Su Luoqing’s Transformation
Chapter 486: Feng Wan’er’s Miserable End
Chapter 485: A Smile to Dissolve All Grudges
Chapter 484: Entering Secretly
Chapter 483: Ao Xue
Chapter 482: Meeting the In-Laws
Chapter 481: Failure
Chapter 480: Sect Destruction
Chapter 479: Forming the Alliance
Chapter 478: Supporting the Ascension
Chapter 477: Killed in an Illusion Realm
Chapter 476: Smiling in Death
Chapter 475: Meeting Lu Wenshu Again
Chapter 474: Finally Reunited
Chapter 473: Divine Tribulation
Chapter 472: Helpless Confession
Chapter 471: Hua Sen’s Stand
Chapter 470: Sending the Betrothal Gifts
Chapter 469: The Prosperous Marriage
Chapter 468: Deliberating the Wedding
Chapter 467: Escalating Conflic
Chapter 466: Taking Revenge on Her Behalf
Chapter 465: Restored Vitality
Chapter 464: It’s Differen
Chapter 463: The Two Decrees
Chapter 462: An Absurd Reques
Chapter 461: The Favor
Chapter 460: Secretly Lost in Thoughts
Chapter 459: A Maiden’s Thoughts
Chapter 458: Two Imperial Edicts
Chapter 457: Returning Helplessly
Chapter 456: Conclusion? Death.
Chapter 455: The Field Pearl Flower Appears
Chapter 454: Can’t Bear to Par
Chapter 453: Irrational
Chapter 452: Coming Back from Death’s Door
Chapter 451: Controlled
Chapter 450: Difficult Decisions
Chapter 449: Making a Move
Chapter 448: Certain Death
Chapter 447: Clash of the Princes
Chapter 446: Lava
Chapter 445: Great Schemer
Chapter 444: Splitting Up
Chapter 443: No Way to Survive
Chapter 442: Taking a Short Break
Chapter 441: Open at Las
Chapter 440: Out of Spirit Qi
Chapter 439: The Changes in Heavens and Earth
Chapter 438: A Change of Strategy
Chapter 437: Soaring Dragon Diagram
Chapter 436: The Strange Door
Chapter 435: Hidden Undercurrents
Chapter 434: Forcing Their Way In
Chapter 433: At Long Last, The Ruins Appear
Chapter 432: Feigning Civility
Chapter 431: Another Tremor
Chapter 430: Finally Coming Out of Seclusion
Chapter 429: Bai Luochu's Plan
Chapter 428: The Reason for the Confinemen
Chapter 427: She Knows Him Bes
Chapter 426: Feeling Ill at Ease
Chapter 425: Whatever the Cos
Chapter 424: Awakening From the Pipe Dream
Chapter 423: Life Is Like a Dream
Chapter 422: Alone
Chapter 421: Lu Wenshu’s Delusion
Chapter 420: Bai Luochu’s Questioning
Chapter 419: Pei Rumo’s Move
Chapter 418: Anonymous Note
Chapter 417: Exposed
Chapter 416: Lu Wenshu Can’t Sit Still
Chapter 415: Putting on a Show
Chapter 414: Ying Lan’s Suspicion
Chapter 413: Freedom Brings Joy
Chapter 412: Anxious
Chapter 411: By Any Means Possible
Chapter 410: Care With All His Hear
Chapter 409: Secretly Hur
Chapter 408: A Competitor has Arrived
Chapter 407: Laying Down the Rules
Chapter 406: Left With No Choice but to Agree
Chapter 405: Exposed
Chapter 404: Watching Quietly
Chapter 403: Arguing Ceaselessly
Chapter 402: The Mysterious Man
Chapter 401: The Story in the Nigh
Chapter 400: Night Conversation
Chapter 399: Qing He Siblings' Whereabouts
Chapter 398: Meeting
Chapter 397: Using His Majesty as a Scapegoa
Chapter 396: Plot Exposed
Chapter 395: Useless Obstruction
Chapter 394: Urgent Repor
Chapter 393: Arrival of an Urgent Repor
Chapter 392: Pei Qingfeng's Thoughts
Chapter 391: Individual Analysis
Chapter 390: Something Strange About the Spirit Medicine
Chapter 389: Spirit Medicine Delivery
Chapter 388: Late Night Visi
Chapter 387: Concocting the Antidote
Chapter 386: Setting Up the Poison Array
Chapter 385: Looking for Medicinal Herbs
Chapter 384: Thorough Protection
Chapter 383: Attentive Care
Chapter 382: Anxiety
Chapter 381: Estranged Relationship
Chapter 380: Blind
Chapter 379: Uninterested
Chapter 378: Meeting Once Again
Chapter 377: Making Contac
Chapter 376: Reunited With An Old Friend
Chapter 375: Important Timing
Chapter 374: So-Called 'Chanced Encounter'
Chapter 373: Comprehensive Investigation
Chapter 372: Adjusting the Strategy
Chapter 371: Nearly Exposed
Chapter 370: Strange Tracks
Chapter 369: Observers in the Dark
Chapter 368: Journey Through the Nigh
Chapter 367: Taking the Bait Willingly
Chapter 366: This is Strange
Chapter 365: Change of Plan
Chapter 364: Excessive Conjectures
Chapter 363: Stating the Location of the Ruins
Chapter 362: The Lady Boss’s Tease
Chapter 361: Ruins Discovered
Chapter 360: ‘Ruins’
Chapter 359: Splitting Up
Chapter 358: Grim Situation
Chapter 357: The Inn
Chapter 356: We’re Not Alone
Chapter 355: My Men
Chapter 354: Dark Silhouette
Chapter 353: Weird Innkeeper
Chapter 352: Gathering Intelligence Over a Cup of Tea
Chapter 351: Entering the Central Region
Chapter 350: The Arrangemen
Chapter 349: Vanguard Team
Chapter 348: Establishing Authority
Chapter 347: Further Arrangemen
Chapter 346: A State of Mutual Hostility
Chapter 345: A Place Worthy of Its Name
Chapter 344: Arrival at the Desolate Region
Chapter 343: An Unexpected Mistake
Chapter 342: The Same Though
Chapter 341: Illness Strikes
Chapter 340: Boosting the Morale
Chapter 339: Dense Fog Everywhere
Chapter 338: Fatal Strike
Chapter 337: Demonic Beasts Invasion
Chapter 336: Something Queer About the Beast Essence
Chapter 335: Friends
Chapter 334: Lu Wenshu’s Threa
Chapter 333: Ambiguous Feelings
Chapter 332: Falling off the Cliff
Chapter 331: Leaving in a Fit of Anger
Chapter 330: Possible Dangers
Chapter 329: Lu Wenshu’s Participation
Chapter 328: Reply
Chapter 327: Not Even Once
Chapter 326: Reluctant Parting
Chapter 325: Improper Appearance
Chapter 324: The Night of Parting
Chapter 323: Proper Arrangemen
Chapter 322: Lu Wenshu’s Deal
Chapter 321: The Biggest Fox
Chapter 320: An Imperial Decree
Chapter 319: The Old Emperor’s Scheme
Chapter 318: Honest Intention
Chapter 317: Hidden Agenda
Chapter 316: ‘Coincidence’
Chapter 315: Another Chance Encounter
Chapter 314: Night of the Dragon and Fish Dance
Chapter 313: Ling Xian’er’s Thoughts
Chapter 312: Ample Charred Taste
Chapter 311: The Asura Battleground on the Private Boa
Chapter 310: Undercurrent on the Lake
Chapter 309: Chance Encounter
Chapter 308: Thoroughly Prepared
Chapter 307: Meticulous Dress Up
Chapter 306: Gladly Agreeing
Chapter 305: Unaware
Chapter 304: The Joy of Eavesdropping
Chapter 303: Two Beauties Side by Side
Chapter 302: The Meeting
Chapter 301: Requesting to Mee
Chapter 300: Joke
Chapter 299: Gossipy Ling Xian'er
Chapter 298: Sudden Investigation
Chapter 297: Overestimating Their Capabilities
Chapter 296: Mischievous Elder Li
Chapter 295: Sudden Realization
Chapter 294: Coincidental Encounter
Chapter 293: Not in the Mood to Ea
Chapter 292: Two Different Appointments at the Same Time
Chapter 291: Silently Determined
Chapter 290: Meeting Again
Chapter 289: Zi Su’s Proposal
Chapter 288: Pei Rumo’s Considerations
Chapter 287: Being Careful is Key
Chapter 286: Worried
Chapter 285: It is Merely a Misunderstanding
Chapter 284: Feigning Civility
Chapter 283: Disagreement in the Garden
Chapter 282: Conspiracy
Chapter 281: Conflict at the Palace Gates
Chapter 280: Mystery Organization Entering the Capital
Chapter 279: Mysterious Organization
Chapter 278: Suddenly Departure
Chapter 277: Jealous Pei Qingfeng
Chapter 276: Returning the Invitation
Chapter 275: Revisiting the Falling Cloud Mountain Range
Chapter 274: Discussion in the Underground Palace
Chapter 273: Green Flame Eagle’s Birth
Chapter 272: The Observer Sees Clearly
Chapter 271: The One Who Threw My Heart into Disorder
Chapter 270: Ripples of the Hear
Chapter 269: An Anxious Pei Qingfeng
Chapter 268: Each Individual's Thoughts
Chapter 267: Frightened in the First Prince’s Residence
Chapter 266: Refusal
Chapter 265: Completed Elixir
Chapter 264: Devastated Pei Qingfeng
Chapter 263: Elder Li’s Message
Chapter 262: Things Bai Luochu Didn’t Know
Chapter 261: The Last Straw
Chapter 260: A Chance Encounter With the Phoenix King Valley Elder
Chapter 259: The Needle is Sharp but so are Words
Chapter 258: Laying the Cards on the Table
Chapter 257: An Unexpected Invitation
Chapter 256: A Farce
Chapter 255: Everyone has Their Own Plan
Chapter 254: Glady Agreeing
Chapter 253: Secret Guard Delivering a Letter
Chapter 252: To Call On
Chapter 251: A Great Show
Chapter 250: A Series of False Accusations
Chapter 249: Extremely Ridiculous
Chapter 248: Pei Wuchen’s Visi
Chapter 247: Moonlight Guidance
Chapter 246: A Scandal
Chapter 245: Freed from Confinemen
Chapter 244: Taking the Initiative
Chapter 243: Long Time No See
Chapter 242: Severe Haze of Suspicion
Chapter 241: Fruitless Investigation
Chapter 240: Lu Wenshu’s Thoughts
Chapter 239: The So-Called Zhenlong Chess Play
Chapter 238: The Asura Battleground for the Four Individuals
Chapter 237: Reversal in a Game of Chess
Chapter 236: A Ruthless Scheme
Chapter 235: Knocking on the Door Late at Nigh
Chapter 234: Each Having Ulterior Motives
Chapter 233: Pei Qingfeng Couldn’t Sit Still
Chapter 232: Fancy Reasons
Chapter 231: One Man Tea Party
Chapter 230: Responding According to the Situation
Chapter 229: Guan Yue’s Strategy
Chapter 228: The Whole Story
Chapter 227: Pei Rumo’s Suspicion
Chapter 226: Both Taking a Step Back
Chapter 225: Pei Rumo’s Olive Branch
Chapter 224: More Sounding Ou
Chapter 223: Ying Lan Attending the Feas
Chapter 222: Private Discussion
Chapter 221: Bai Luochu’s Deduction
Chapter 220: The Hard to Fathom Pei Rumo
Chapter 219: The Attendant’s Opinion of Ying Lan
Chapter 218: Scalding Invitation Card
Chapter 217: Intention to Recrui
Chapter 216: Secretly Disclosing the Information
Chapter 215: Plan for the Future
Chapter 214: Cai Ling’s Worry
Chapter 213: The Whole Story
Chapter 212: Words of Reproach
Chapter 211: Protecting in the Dark
Chapter 210: Mournful Departure
Chapter 209: The End of the Farce
Chapter 208: Shifting the Blame
Chapter 207: Successfully Escaping
Chapter 206: Knocked Ou
Chapter 205: Nightfall, Operation Star
Chapter 204: The Matter is Done
Chapter 203: Transaction with Pei Qingfeng
Chapter 202: Planning the Operation
Chapter 201: Inside the Spirit Ring
Chapter 200: News of the Younglings
Chapter 199: Dinner Crisis
Chapter 198: Misery Loves Company
Chapter 197: Agreeing
Chapter 196: Leaving
Chapter 195: Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s First Public Appearance
Chapter 194: Already Have a Faction
Chapter 193: Difficulty Stepping Down
Chapter 192: Living Up to Expectations
Chapter 191: Guan Yue Accepting the Challenge
Chapter 190: Take the Initiative
Chapter 189: Second Round
Chapter 188: Double First Ranker
Chapter 187: Written Examination
Chapter 186: Opening the Curtains
Chapter 185: The Grand Recruitmen
Chapter 184: The Third Prince’s Thoughts
Chapter 183: Tactfully Declining the Alliance Marriage
Chapter 182: A Plot Involving Three Sides
Chapter 181: The Truth is Revealed
Chapter 180: Attending With No Fear
Chapter 179: It’s a Fortuitous Encounter, not a Disaster
Chapter 178: Invitation from the Phoenix King Valley
Chapter 177: Another Malicious Plan
Chapter 176: Pei Qingfeng’s Scheme
Chapter 175: Again and Again
Chapter 174: Seeking Forgiveness
Chapter 173: Whereabouts Found
Chapter 172: Inquiring Secretly
Chapter 171: The Emperor’s Scheme
Chapter 170: Lu Wenshu Seeking an Audience with the Emperor
Chapter 169: Imperial Court Dispute
Chapter 168: Calm Response
Chapter 167: Divine Physician Bai Luo Chu?
Chapter 166: So-Called Reward
Chapter 165: Bai Luochu’s Plan
Chapter 164: The Younglings’ Whereabouts
Chapter 163: Together in a Room
Chapter 162: Pei Qingfeng’s Question
Chapter 161: The Reliant Pei Qingfeng
Chapter 160: Cai Ling’s Return
Chapter 159: Sad and Depressed
Chapter 158: Stern Criticism
Chapter 157: Scheme
Chapter 156: Constant Obstruction
Chapter 155: Her Cousin’s Scheme
Chapter 154: The Unusual Atmosphere in the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence
Chapter 153: Great Care
Chapter 152: Suddenly Regaining Consciousness
Chapter 151: A Promise That Must Be Kep
Chapter 150: Who will Triumph?
Chapter 149: The Suspicious Lu Wenshu
Chapter 148: The Queer Green Flame Eagle
Chapter 147: Risking One Life to Save Another
Chapter 146: Double Killing Inten
Chapter 145: Feng Wan’er’s Malicious Plan
Chapter 144: Taking the Initiative
Chapter 143: Intentional Instigation
Chapter 142: End of Battle
Chapter 141: Lu Wenshu’s Appearance
Chapter 140: Dangerous Situation
Chapter 139: Chaotic Battlefield
Chapter 138: Scheme
Chapter 137: Joyous Conversation
Chapter 136: Old Memories Resurfacing
Chapter 135: Onwards to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range
Chapter 134: Making Threats and Promises
Chapter 133: The Reason Within
Chapter 132: Night Conversation at the Silk Flower Pavilion
Chapter 131: Mixed Emotions
Chapter 130: The Undercurrent in the Imperial Study
Chapter 129: Rumors on the Streets
Chapter 128: Deploying the Poison Array
Chapter 127: Dispute Breaking Ou
Chapter 126: Volunteering
Chapter 125: Appointing the Palace Master
Chapter 124: Finding an Alternative
Chapter 123: Palace of Brilliance Resurgence
Chapter 122: Progress in Cultivation
Chapter 121: Pei Wuchen’s Scheme
Chapter 120: Pei Qingfeng’s Intention
Chapter 119: A Different Pei Rumo
Chapter 118: Construction Complete
Chapter 117: Going for a Meal
Chapter 116: Confrontation Again
Chapter 115: Bai Luochu’s Decision
Chapter 114: I Want to Protect Her
Chapter 113: Uninvited
Chapter 112: Plan for the Spirit Beas
Chapter 111: Important Information
Chapter 110: Foundation Stabilizing
Chapter 109: Wishful Thinking
Chapter 108: Bloody Scene
Chapter 107: Suppressing Her Aun
Chapter 106: ‘Catching Her in the Act’
Chapter 105: Advice For Setup
Chapter 104: Aunt Makes A Move
Chapter 103: Mysterious Secret Room
Chapter 102: Tunnel Completed
Chapter 101: Bucket to the Head
Chapter 100: Thoughts of Making a Comeback
Chapter 99: Beating Everyone Up
Chapter 98: A Great Chess Move
Chapter 97: Appropriate Arrangemen
Chapter 96: Getting Someone Else to do the Dirty Work
Chapter 95: Growing Conspiracy
Chapter 94: Constructing the Secret Base
Chapter 93: Schemed Agains
Chapter 92: Hypocritical Cousin
Chapter 91: Prevailing Scheme
Chapter 90: Addressing Intimately
Chapter 89: First Meeting with Her Uncle
Chapter 88: Setting an Example
Chapter 87: Preparation to Make a Move
Chapter 86: Hundred Herbs Hall’s Letter
Chapter 85: Change of Plans
Chapter 84: Ying Lan’s Visi
Chapter 83: Start of the Operation
Chapter 82: Heartfelt Conversation
Chapter 81: Show of Strength
Chapter 80: Discussing the Plan
Chapter 79: If Fate has it, We Will Meet Again
Chapter 78: Banquet in the Reception Pavilion
Chapter 77: Official Farewell
Chapter 76: Imminent Departure
Chapter 75: The Ins and Outs of the Matter
Chapter 74: Returning to the General’s Residence
Chapter 73: The Truth is Revealed
Chapter 72: Seeking the Truth
Chapter 71: Straightening Out Her Thoughts
Chapter 70: True Identity
Chapter 69: Dispute During the Banque
Chapter 68: Cheerfully Attending the Banque
Chapter 67: Agreeing to the Invitation
Chapter 66: Steady Developmen
Chapter 65: Successful Recruitmen
Chapter 64: Start Of The Selection
Chapter 63: Protection in Silence
Chapter 62: Meeting The Silver-Haired Man Again
Chapter 61: Ying Lan’s Return
Chapter 60: A Struggle Between Two Princes
Chapter 59: Seeing an Old Friend Again
Chapter 58: Discussion in the Teahouse
Chapter 57: Crisis Abruptly Ending
Chapter 56: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 55: Rise of Melancholy
Chapter 54: Incredible Pace of Improvemen
Chapter 53: Summoned by the Emperor
Chapter 52: Meeting the Empress Dowager Again
Chapter 51: Engrossed in Cultivation
Chapter 50: Reward in Hand
Chapter 49: First Prince’s Thoughts
Chapter 48: Suspicion
Chapter 47: The Whole Story
Chapter 46: Plotting
Chapter 45: Title of Divine Physician
Chapter 44: The Empress Dowager’s Summon
Chapter 43: Second Prince’s Night Visi
Chapter 42: Providing Treatmen
Chapter 41: Entering the Residence in a Disguise
Chapter 40: Striking a Deal
Chapter 39: Shrouded by Dark Clouds
Chapter 38: The Start of a Great Show
Chapter 37: Quietly Waiting for the Show to Star
Chapter 36: Secretly Inflicting Poison
Chapter 35: A Surprising Windfall
Chapter 34: Additional Probing
Chapter 33: Becoming Curious
Chapter 32: Caught in Another Dispute
Chapter 31: Obtaining Information
Chapter 30: The Phoenix King Valley’s Arrival
Chapter 29: Trapped In a Conspiracy
Chapter 28: Bestowing of Marriage at the Birthday Banque
Chapter 27: Feng Clan’s Young Lady
Chapter 26: Bizarre Formation Array
Chapter 25: A Fox's Nature
Chapter 24: Second Prince Saves the Day
Chapter 23: Sneaking Into the Palace
Chapter 22: Strange Dream
Chapter 21: Self Taught Genius
Chapter 20: Ninth Prince
Chapter 19: The First Prince’s Consideration
Chapter 18: Setting Up An Array In The Courtyard
Chapter 17: Nourishing the Meridians
Chapter 16: Costly Medical Fee
Chapter 15: Strange Poison Array
Chapter 14: Uninvited Gues
Chapter 13: Assassin in the Residence
Chapter 12: What is the Purpose
Chapter 11: Personal Servan
Chapter 10: The Person Who Bought Her
Chapter 9: Meridians Opened Up
Chapter 8: Battle of Thousand Brilliance
Chapter 7: Silver-Haired Man
Chapter 6: One Shot Kill
Chapter 5: Healing and Poison Tempering
Chapter 4: Rich And Overbearing
Chapter 3: Reincarnation
Chapter 2: No.8 Human Slave
Chapter 1: Bai Luochu